A trip Northward

September 12, 2006 at 4:46 pm (smatterings)

My brother and sister-in-law have been living north of Seattle for about 5 years now. Usually once or twice a summer my mom and I take a trip up there. They own a big vegetable stand up there called Country Farms.camping-the-fruit-stand-063.jpg         camping-the-fruit-stand-066.jpg We usually either stay in a hotel or camp out on their property.  camping-the-fruit-stand-068.jpg This time we chose to camp behind their gazebo. The weather was nice, except for the rain on Friday night. But we are Oregonians, so we are used to it. We had found out just a few days before we left that this would be our last trip up there. My brother and his wife have decided to move to Florida and buy a sail boat. They are both water lovers and this has been a dream of theirs for quite a few years. So after finishing selling Christmas trees, they will come down and see us for Christmas and then take off on an exciting adventure, looking for a new home in a warmer climate. Here is a picture story of our last trip to the fruit stand… Many good memories had at this place. img_0395.JPG Mr. K. and Aunt Trish, eating lunch together. This was the first time they had seen Mr. K in almost 2 years. #4 didnt get to come on this trip, as there wasnt enough room in the car. So he stayed home with Dad. img_0425.JPG My Mom and I, looking through a magazine full of sail boats. They arent for us, but wish them much luck in their journey.  img_0428.JPG We took a trip around Lake Stevens one day. Beautiful lake, with many great houses around it.  img_0445.JPG Climbing on boxes, behind the veggie stand. Mr K was King of the Boxes! img_0436.JPG They dont have human children, but these are their kids. Miles and Lucy. img_0401.JPG My brother on the fork lift. img_0405.JPG And playing the Ukilelee, practicing for Florida. He has played the guitar since he was about 12.  img_0407.JPG Blondie Girl was even getting into it. We spent our evening in the gazebo, listening to the kids play the guitar and Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Marguaritaville on Sattelite Radio. Yes, we are all Parrotheads!!  Had to take school with us, since we just started.img_0394.JPG img_0400.JPG Grami and the little travelers, behind the fruit stand. Trying to stay out of the way of the crazy fork lift driver. Sunset on the second night.   img_0403.JPG img_0454.JPG Mr. K was in seventh heaven with all the fruit he could eat. He was loving just being able to go snag a strawberry or orange from the shelf and dig in.  Blondie Girl with the ear of corn that looked like a cactus.img_0461.JPG img_0415.JPG Drama Queens self portrait. Sunset on our last night there. How beautiful!! img_0448.JPG img_0463.JPG Just before we left, had to take the final shot. See you at Christmas J and T…  img_0464.JPG On the road, going back home. Can you see Mt Rainier in the distance? We had a Veggie Tales CD that I had made for the trip that kept us entertained for many hours. So we made it home, picked up #4, and unpacked the car. It was a great trip, we had alot of fun. Its always great to see family again. It was back to regular life today.. What ever that is.. 😉


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